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Using AI

Robotic Process Automation – Bulk PO Processor


Thanks to the combination of Machine Learning models and smart cloud architecture and modelling, it was possible to automate the processing of orders received in emails and inserting the orders in the client’s ERP system (ORACLE)
The process that once required five full time employees is NOW done effortlessly reducing costs and human errors significantly.

Using AI

Tailor Application – Full Body Measurements

Saudi Arabia

A tailoring company was looking for expansion through opening several branches. One of the main issues that was faced was that there was absence of Human talent. In particular, there was a need to have someone capable of taking proper measurements for the customers in each of the new branch. This was not an easy thing to solve due to the scarcity of talent and high wages required as a result of this scarcity.
To solve the issue for our client we developed an AI based mobile application. Through this app, the person who is at the branch will take three images of the customer, and the measurements will be calculated by the mobile app to within errors below the 1 cm mark. What is also appealing about this app, is that it works well even if the customer is wearing standard clothes without any restrictions.
As a result, there were many benefits to this development:
• Now any person can be in charge of taking the measurements without the need of high skills
• Human error is eliminated
• Potential to grow and provide this service to end users NOW done effortlessly reducing costs and human errors significantly.