(Algorithms – CRM integration)
Problem to solve:
One of our clients has a cleaning service where customers book cleaning appointments online. They can select either morning session or afternoon session. As a result each cleaner will leave the house in the morning, head to the morning session, and go to the afternoon session before heading back home. The cleaners were complaining from the amount of time spent in public transportation, and the client was complaining from the additional costs incurred on transportation.

To solve the issue we developed an algorithm that combined Hungarian algorithm with dynamic programming to optimize the transportation time or cost (as preferred by user).

Problem: high costs and long times spent in public transportation
Solution: design and implement an algorithm using combination of Hungarian algorithm and dynamic programming
Platform: coding was done on Salesforce (client’s CRM system) and it was completely integrated to read bookings, customer and cleaners’ information.
Result: Reduced daily cost and time


An E-commerce website with a special twist. In this platform the user will see the old price of the products. To uncover the new price, which is guaranteed to be less than the old price, the user needs to pay a very small percentage of the original price. Once the new “lower” price is uncovered, the user has few seconds to make a decision: Either to buy the product at the new price, or wait hoping that other users will keep uncovering the price driving it to a low level. The owner of the site wanted to maximize revenues as much as possible.

We developed a model taking several aspects of consumer behaviour analytically, and ran a genetic algorithm optimization on top of the model. The output was the amount of dollars to drop upon each revealing of a product.

Problem: Client wanted to increase revenues.
Solution: Built a complete model of consumer behaviour (in collaboration with experts in the field)
Platform: Modelling and implementation were done on Matlab
Result: Increased revenue


The e-directory kiosk is an elegant solution that is useful with towers and large residential buildings. Some benefits include:

Allow visitors to get information and direction about reaching their destination – Creates dynamic advertising space
– Complete control of the content and the display time of each Ad
– Gathering information related to visitor queries at the kiosk
– Can be managed remotely (Change the ads content, time, office information)

Our good relations with our hardware suppliers, coupled with the experience of our developers, paved the way to standardize the production process of this product, allowing us to optimize the price and the delivery time to deliver the kiosk.

In addition to the above several additional features can be integrated to make the kiosk more useful to your business. Such functionality could include user interaction, collection of donations or even simple games.


In a world where the importance of online marketing keeps increasing, and in accordance with the best interest of our clients, we have developed a customized ad’s engine. The behaviour of this engine is similar to that of Google’s ads engine in terms of customizing the ads on the client’s website based on the profile of the visitor. However, we added few customizations that would significantly increase the ROI of our client:

– Client can get more returns on placing an Ad on his/her site as it is more segmented than larger engines

– Possibility to make a coalition with other sites in order to improve the reach of the ads when applicable

– People placing the ad have better visibility on the viewers

– Possibility to customize the target reach given the lower scope of users