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Custom made ERP

Seamaster Maritime - Dubai

This ERP automates all the operations for maritime agencies. It handles and guides the employees through the steps of delivering logistics operations, crew change operations and coordination with third parties who provide additional services.

The system also provides means for the maritime agency to manage and operate its internal fleet.


The employees “on the ground” such as drivers have to the mobile app where they receive notifications when they are assigned a task and update when the task is done.

Finally, the client will also have access through both and mobile application to track their orders and to check the statements of account.

Custom made ERP

Engage Me - Dubai

This ERP automates the operations for event staffing agencies. It gives the capabilities to recruit and manage the profiles of potential promoters who have the option to apply through the web interface of the system.
The project managers will find it easy to manage promoters based on availability, skills, performance and client preferences. The system also organizes accounting and payments to promoters, in addition to the inventory of uniforms and props that are lent to promoters on the job.
Finally, a unique reporting dashboard is available for the managers to monitor and share important stats and KPIs.

Custom made ERP

ODDY Vanilla ERP

This ERP is called “Vanilla” because it has the very basic functions of an ERP that include:
- Basic accounting
- Sales and purchasing
- Inventory and POS
- Basic CRM
If your business does not require any special customization from the standard, this ERP could be very cost effective option as its price is very competitive, yet the features will get the job done.