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# Custom Made ERP


Online Dimensions' highly experienced developers will create a brand new ERP system from scratch or customize your current systems with custom integrations.


⦁ Custom ERP Solutions are cost-effective:

If you are running a startup or medium-sized business, you should probably build a Custom ERP software rather than choosing a generic ERP system.
Implementing an off-shelf ERP software can drain your corporate budget. Besides that, you’ll have to pay even for features that you don’t require.


⦁ You can customize it according to Your Business Needs:

Having an ERP solution that is custom-built for your company will definitely have an edge when compared with off-shelf ERP Software.
With a custom ERP solution, there will be greater agility to meet the increasing demands of your business. However, the upfront investment for setting up a custom ERP will be on the higher side.

⦁ Generic ERP software Doesn’t Include Specific Modules:

Not all companies have similar operations, many enterprises require highly specific modules to be implemented.
For instance, a module that fetches purchase request information from the database to the system can be a good example of this. With custom ERP software, you can counter this issue in an effective manner.

⦁ Custom ERP Solutions Are Highly Scalable:

Since you can integrate more modules into custom ERP software, it is considered a highly scalable option for your business.
Having the flexibility to reconfigure your ERP software could be highly beneficial for your business, especially your expansion phase.
As custom ERP software is built to meet the demands of your enterprise, it will undoubtedly deliver you with increased revenue and solid user experience.



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