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Scalability represents the ability for you to scale in web hosting. In most cases, you are upgrading to a higher hosting plan in order for you to cope up with the growing traffic. It could also means that you are upgrading to higher plans for better features. Either way, scalability is an important factor when it comes to making the right web hosting choice.

Importance of Scalability in web hosting

⦁ Growing website visitors count. When the number of visitors increases, you probably need a better website hosting to avoid any overcharges in traffic.

⦁ Processing power. The higher the web traffic, the more processing power you would need. In this case, the processing power is the ability for your web hosting server to perform tasks. The higher the processing power, the faster your website loads.

⦁ Security features. There are also instances where you need to scale your hosting plan because you require additional security features. Some web hosting companies provide better and more comprehensive security features on higher hosting plans.

⦁ Additional domains. If you are constantly flipping domains or adding domain ownership to your account, you might find yourself hitting the domain quota real fast. In this case, upgrading to a higher hosting plan will give you a larger domain quota.

⦁ Hosting features. Upgrading to different hosting plans also gives you more hosting benefits (as a whole). For example, higher hosting plans usually come with more CPU, RAM and dedicated environment which will help you in scaling your online business.

⦁ eCommerce store. Thinking of starting an online store? If you are using WordPress and WooCommerce, you probably need WooCommerce hosting to avoid resource hogging. Plus, having a bigger hosting plans means that you have more space for images and higher concurrent visitors’ actions.

⦁ Moving host. Web hosting scaling doesn’t always happen within the same web host. You could be moving from one host to another for better pricing or performance.

⦁ Hosting limitations. This happens more often than you can imagine. At times, some hosts will limit certain actions to ensure that the server is working at its peak. This is very common in the shared hosting space. Scaling your hosting plan will allow you to perform the tasks that you want without any or much limitation.



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