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Are you planning out a new hosting environment? Need help optimizing your current environment? Simply not sure if you’re following best practice? At Online Dimensions, we’re here to help you ensure that your web hosting is working for you, and not the other way around.

Here are some of the areas that our team can provide consulting for:

⦁ Architecting a new hosting environment
⦁ Load Testing your existing environment to test your scalability and elasticity
⦁ Performing security scans and audits
⦁ Optimizing your hosting costs by re-architecting your hosting accounts
⦁ Conducting speed tests and recommending optimizations
⦁ Migrating your hosting from one environment to another
⦁ Setting up off-server or off-site backups
⦁ Creating deployment and user acceptance testing processes
⦁ Adhering to various compliance standards and regulations
⦁ Configuring Caching, CDN, WAF, and other additional tools

Do you have a live website that you’re looking to migrate to a better hosting provider? At Online Dimensions, our in-house hosting experts can take care of your web hosting needs from A to Z. Whether you need a short-term consult, or long-term proactive monitoring, maintenance, and management, we’re here to help!

Are you looking for a white-glove hosting service that will work with you to meet your needs and goals? If so, we’re here to help! Reach out to learn more!



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