Online Dimensions

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Case Study

GPS Vehicle tracking

Due to the increased demands of businesses and also due to regulations in many countries, the demand for online GPS tracking for fleets has been steadily increasing. This demand is paralleled with requests to very diverse functionalities that are not available in the SAAS systems available in the market. In order to ensure best solution to our clients, we managed to optimize the number of feature offerings while restraining the price through a unique cooperation with some of the providers. This was done through utilizing their infrastructure to develop functionalities that are complementary to their services and are oriented towards the complex tastes of the market.

Some of the features that were created include:

- Send advanced commands and controls to the vehicle

- Change the methods in which fuel level is calculated

- Creation of advanced reports

- Tracking based on drivers instead of vehicles

- Integration with government official portals

- Advanced alerts based on very specific criteria

- Integration with HR module in ERP

- Integration with mobile applications

Case Study

Mobile App Controlled Elevator

Despite the negative aspects of the pandemics, it created for us an opportunity for us to develop an elevator operated by the mobile phones to avoid touching “infected” surfaces. We used Arduino technology to do this development and to connect the elevator in the building to our mobile application. Thus the webserver, the mobile app and the elevator (through Arduino) were all communicating together. The mobile app is accepting the user’s demand and sending to the server, while the server is handling validation and security and forwarding to the Arduino, which is in turn connected to the elevators circuit and sending the desired controls there. As a result the users can send commands to the elevator without having to touch any button.