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The goal of the mobile app wireframing is to create a solid foundation, validating the core functionalities of the product before refining the design.

Visualize the mobile app architecture

A wireframe is the first step in visualizing a project. Wireframes allow mobile app design teams – from UX to copywriting – to start considering the aims of users. It includes the architecture of the mobile app, the navigation, the organization of pages, the users’ flow through conversion funnels.

Understand exactly how your app can help users
One of the most important reasons to create a wireframe for a mobile app is that it can provide you with a clear vision of how your users will use the app. To achieve success, it’s extremely important to know how to solve users’ pain points.

Wireframing helps you answer the question, Can my mobile app solve my users’ problems?

⦁ Save time and money

When you decide to wireframe first and develop second, you reduce cost overruns, often by as much as 95%. This also accelerates programming and keeps costs from spiraling out of control. Low-fidelity wireframing drastically reduces technical debt, one of the most costly long-term project killers overlooked by many small business owners.

Identifying and resolving flaws during wireframing will save you a lot of money that otherwise would be spent making changes during development or even after the release.

⦁ Iterate fast and avoid future issues

When making a wireframe for a mobile app, your goals are to solve a pain point for your users and create a great UX. However, it might take a few tries.
One of the greatest things about the wireframing process is that it’s not time-consuming. This makes wireframes perfect for fast iterations. Here’s what the full cycle looks like:

⦁ Our team makes a wireframe for the mobile app.
⦁ The team shows this wireframe to the client or a focus group to gather feedback and discover possible pitfalls at an early stage.
⦁ The team updates the wireframe based on the feedback.
⦁ The team repeats this sequence as fast as possible and as many times as needed to reach the client’s goal.
⦁ A wireframe is great if you need investors, as it gives you a solid visual representation that you can use for pitches. Plus, it’s much easier to make changes at the wireframing stage than at the development stage.

⦁ Avoid mistakes
Making a wireframe for a mobile app will help you lay out the functionality of each screen. With wireframes, you’ll understand what features should go first and if there’s enough space on certain screens to place everything you need. Wireframes allow you to effectively prioritize content. By designing the hierarchy of elements for each screen, you can see if everything is fine with the user journey.



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