Mobile / Web Apps

Mobile / Web Apps

Mobile applications has played a major role in achieving latest innovations in different industries. These applications allowed to create smart solutions to complex organizational problems, providing on demand transportation or creating simple means of entertainment. In all cases creating opportunities for successful business creations.

It is important to highlight that hard work is one of the main drivers of success. Even the simplest of apps require proper technical design and architecture in order to run seamlessly. The good news is that we are living in an age where there is a broad range of technologies at our disposal, which allows us to accommodate to different tastes and budgets. The benefit of working with Online Dimensions is the richness in our team. Between creative designers and diverse experience in developers, paves the path for setting the proper strategy for developing your application.

Setting the proper strategy helps us assist you in selecting the proper framework. The range of technology offers us means to develop similar specifications at different price ranges. However, the price is not the only variable. There are other specifications that need to be taken into consideration, such as the performance of the application, the scalability and the maintainability of this application. This is why after understanding completely the application and its business role, we will advise you how each framework would impact the application on both the short and the long term, allowing for a well informed decision.

As is the case with all kinds of projects, we can never under estimate the importance of proper testing. Although the advancement of technology has provided us with a lot of luxuries, on the other side of the story the increased luxury comes with increased responsibility. Upon the delivery of any project it is very important to test security, along with the compatibility and the proper functionality across the numerous devices and platforms that exist in today’s world. We will make sure that the application will run properly no matter the size of the device (mobile phone, tablet) and no matter what operating system is running on it and how old or new it is.

Finally handling all the above is not a simple process. This is why not many are able to guarantee such deliveries at such competitive prices. You can always count on our team at Online Dimensions to ensure that the quality delivery in record time without compensating quality. The accumulated experience within our team ensures proper planning from day zero of the project, in addition to identifying all potential problems and contingency plans on how to resolve in case they were encountered. The confidence in the success of the team reduces time and cost for the delivery of the project and ensures that the client is getting the best value for the invested money.