Process Automation


Business Process Automation uses business rules and automated tasks to perform processes that accomplish a business goal. The goal could be as simple as allowing an employee to request holiday time or as complex as developing a new product. All activities around these processes are tracked and analysed for efficiency.
Why Is BPA Used? By automating business processes, especially those that are traditionally handled manually, significant benefits can be realized:

  • Greater Productivity
  • Improved Job Satisfaction
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Full Audibility and Tracking
  • Improved Accuracy

Your business process is what makes you unique and drives the success of your business but sometimes the most critical elements of your process are the most inefficient. Manual or inefficient processes can quickly become either a barrier to future growth or a constant drain on critical business resources. The more critical a process is to a business, the more likely that technology can help automate steps, reduce time and errors, and enable the business to scale while delivering a return on investment. Technology can do more than duplicate an existing paper or multi-tool process. It can streamline it by reducing the number of steps or integrate with other systems to share data and provide deeper business automation and intelligence. Business and process automation is ultimately about improving efficiency which can reduce costs, enable growth and allow key resources to spend less time compiling data and more time making informed business decisions.
The opportunities for using technology to improve business processes are endless. Our clients have come to us with a variety of problems to solve given their unique business model, existing processes and tools.

Some recent examples of business and process automation efforts include:

– Replacing manual or paper processes with a tool that is easy to use and gives better access to data
– Automating steps of an existing process, requiring less time and human-effort
– Replacing existing tools that are hard to use and don’t meet the business need with a new tool that helps streamline processes
– Reducing data-entry and time-consuming copying and pasting to Excel, manual calculations or formatting of data
– Integrating systems so that they work together
– Adding value by analysing data across systems to gain insights and make better decisions for the organization

Online Dimensions has a unique mechanism for evaluating existing business processes and designing a better solution for the future. Our Solution Architects are experienced business people with a deep technology back-ground and can easily bridge the business-technology divide while recommending alternative strategies to get you from A to B.
You know your business best. Through collaborative and interactive design sessions and further independent design work, our Solution Architects will learn your business and how your existing processes work today. With your existing processes mapped out, our Solution Architects will work with you to find opportunities for integrating systems, bringing together data, reducing manual steps, removing complicated tools, while improving the speed, cost, reliability and quality of the end result.
If you have a business process that you feel could be improved with the use of technology, we’d love to hear from you.