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When looking to analyze keywords you can usually measure them by two key metrics:

⦁ The search volume (how often the users use such keywords as a search query on the Internet)

⦁ Level of competition (how many sites are ranked in search results for a particular keyword)

Key metrics of keyword evaluation.

Keyword search volume – how many times per month users perform a search on the local search engine version with this keyword (Volume column)

The number of search results – how many search results are returned by the local version of the search engine for this particular keyword (Results column)

Additional metrics for keyword assessment:
Cost-per-click for an ad for the keyword – this data is always helpful even if you are not going to run a paid marketing campaign; it helps understand the level of competition for the keyword – the higher the price, the more companies want their ads to be shown for it (CPC column)

The proportion of customers driven to the site by this keyword – this index gives a better idea of how essential this keyword for your site conversion is (Traffic % column)

Level of competition between advertisers for the keyword – another additional index that helps estimate how fierce (or mild) the competition for this keyword on the market; the higher the index value the more tough competition is.

Keyword frequency trend – we can make sure the keyword is not becoming less popular with people searching on the web and therefore it is worth including in the future SEO strategy

Pick Out Keywords That Have the Biggest Profit Potential but Moderate Competition
Our primary aim here should be to select such keywords which on one hand generate essential and profitable traffic to your site and on the other hand are not too competitive. This way, the money you spend on the promotion for these keywords in organic search results could give a proper return.

Expand Your Keyword List by Performing Competitor Analysis

A great way to expand your keyword analysis and find more winning keywords is to study your competitor. For this purpose, you can take advantage of Organic Research. This tool provides you with information about your competitors’ keywords, competitive positioning, and more.



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