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Content Management System

With the rise of CMS software, it may seem like custom development is on the decline, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Custom development adds a personal touch to every website, as well as significantly improves its performance and security.

To decide which option suits your company better, it’s important to consider your business needs, as well as the price, development time, and performance for CMS and custom development.

How Does a CMS Differ From Custom Development?

Development Time

It is always faster to develop with a CMS than build a site from scratch. The development time depends largely on the complexity of your desired website, but CMS platforms provide the backbone of every site, as well as ready-to-use themes and various features.


Since CMS platforms give you access to already functional bits of features, these tools are significantly cheaper than custom development services. Even though developers can reuse their code sometimes, creating each button for your site from scratch takes more time and effort than dragging and dropping it in a CMS’s editor.

Performance and Stability

Unlike the case with custom-built websites, when it comes to using a CMS, the site’s performance depends on its complexity. CMS platforms can compete with websites built from scratch when these pages don’t have large user traffic and intricate features. In other cases, custom development ensures better customer experience and the site’s reliability.


Custom-built websites are much easier to modify when your business starts growing. Since using a CMS limits you to the platform’s infrastructure, it is frequently difficult or altogether impossible to expand the site’s capabilities when you start gaining more customers.


On the one hand, a CMS helps you navigate your site easily, making any changes via a user-friendly interface. The CMS also takes care of the infrastructure, which means you only need to contact the platform’s support services if something goes wrong on their end. On the other hand, maintaining your own website can be easier because you know the ins and outs of it. In general, if you have a dedicated team to perform maintenance, a custom-built website is a better option in the long run.


CMS platforms can provide stunning designs that may suit your needs perfectly. If you feel comfortable changing bits of code to customize a theme to your liking, give CMS a try. In case a unique and specific design is your priority, however, it’s better to have a team of professional web designers to collaborate with.


Custom-built websites beat CMS platforms when it comes to security. With CMS, you rely entirely on the third-party’s protection, while a site developed from scratch allows you to take full control of ensuring its security. While using a CMS lifts the burden of thinking about security off your shoulders, it also leaves you at a greater risk of having your page compromised.



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