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A Website assessment examines your website, prior to any SEO or SEM activities.
Why is this important? SEO or SEM will aim in increasing your visibility in search engines, but if you have a poorly constructed website, the increased traffic to your site might be harmful if they have a negative experience while on your site.
Believe it, or not, many Website owners do not know how their website is performing, or how it stacks up against the competition. There have been many technology advances over the last few years and customers’ expectations have dramatically changed demanding more from your Website. Does your site live up to its expectations?

Using our knowledge and experience we are able to examine how your website is performing and provide you with a report card. Our report card will show you the areas where you are doing well and the areas that need improving. Being able to measure yourself against your competitors and other benchmarks is of great value and tells you where that need to improve to reach best practice.

Is your site designed well?
Do your pages have a consistent format for navigation, headers, text, typography, and hyperlinks? Does your design help make the content more digestible?

Is your site responsive in common devices? There are all sorts of Tablets and Mobile Phones and many responsive sites fall short of displaying your content correctly.

Is your website easy to navigate? Does it make sense for a human to read? Does it pass the Jakob Nielsen usability test?

Is your Website working for you?
In a world where business transactions happen in seconds not minutes, it is vital that your website serves the purpose it was intended for. Businesses live and breathe (and die) based on their website´s ability to perform.

Standards and technologies change rapidly and a site you created more than a few years ago is likely to be out of date.

What do people do on your Website?
Many people simply just don’t know what visitors do on their Website. What pages they visit, how long they stay on pages, and why they leave.

Our proven web site assessment process collects qualitative and quantitative data, combines it with web site analytics and usability testing. We don’t just measure the results, we make recommendations.

Are you planning a Website redesign?
A website assessment is a great way to kick off your new project of re-designing your website. A website assessment of your current site helps you understand how the new website should be designed, what content it should include and what functionality should be present so there’s no guesswork.
It’s a great way to reduce your risks, costs and save time.



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