How to compose a biography

Recruitment professionals expect a resume to be a clear and concise statement of information about the personal data, training, and professional experience of the person looking for a job. Use to get a job.

An autobiography serves a triple function:

  • Introduce yourself to your future employer.
  • Highlight the most important aspects of your academic and work career; as well as your personality
  • After the interview, remind your prospective employer of the information that works best for you.
  • Of your strengths in your biography, you should highlight those that, without lies, are ideal for the role that you should play in the company. You must tailor your curriculum based on the position you are applying for.

Sections that should be on a resume:

  • Personal data: name and surname, identity card, place and date of birth, personal address, contact phone number, e-mail address.
  • Academic background: studies conducted with date, center and location.
  • Complementary Learning: Research and workshops that expand and complement your formal learning, with dates, center and location.
  • Professional experience: contracts, agreements and cooperation. Current work experience, including internships, studies that may be of interest to the company that wishes to hire you.
  • Languages: In this section you will indicate the languages ​​you know and your level. If you have received a recognized degree, such as First Certificate in English, that proves your proficiency, please include it.
  • Computer science: specify what you own: operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphic design, internet, etc.
  • Other interesting information: this last section lists all those aspects that have not yet been included, for example: driver's license, accessibility, etc.


  • Your resume should not exceed two pages.
  • You must take care of the style and avoid misspellings.
  • It should be subject to critical reading by third parties prior to submission.
  • You have to take care of the image.
  • The attached photo must be recent and passport size.

Considering all of the above tips, it is necessary to correctly compose, write, and present a resume at an interview. The professional website will become a lifesaver in resume writing.