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About Online Dimensions

About Us

We provide software solutions aiming to solve business problems for their clients. Throughout the years we have capitalized on the diverse expertise available among our team in order to solve complex problems programmatically in order to give our customers an easier life

Our Story

The journey started with two students working as freelance developers in order to pay the fees for college tuition. This translated to a wonderful demonstration of the famous saying by Philip Kotler: “The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.” Incoming flow of customers, coupled with passion to learn and excel by the founders, lead to a gradual yet steady growth allowing the build up of our international team serving clients world wide

Online Dimensions Story

Meet Our Team

Alaa H.

Innovation manager

Nagham G.

UI/UX Project Manager

Michel Fayad

General Manager

Nour Z.

Java developer

Mahamud R.

WordPress developer

Manish M.

Backend developer

Nirali V.

Frontend developer

Muhammad A.

Mobile app developer

Upender C.

Backend developer

Sachin B.

ERP consultant

Ahmed Z.

Mobile app developer