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Definition of MVP

The MVP is the earliest version of a product that is deployable and containing only the most important features for that product, without any “nice to have” functionalities incorporated. The purpose of such deployment could be related to speeding the delivery to the market, get early feedback to adapt future features or simply to attract early adopters.

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Why do we need MVP

  • Get ideas of potential problems
  • Resolve problems faster on a smaller user scale
  • Obtaining early feedback from clients and proper planning
  • Product development evaluation.

In summary you need to make a tradeoff between your ability to deliver and the client requirement. The real need for the MVP is for the proof of concept of your product with the minimum damage possible. This is why the features must be carefully selected and the MVP should target specific customers whose feedback will be useful for your product to evolve.

What are the benefits of building an MVP?

  • Developing the MVP pushes you to focus on the important and core features of the product
  • Provides access to client feedback for the product
  • Reduces the rework as you will be getting feedback earlier and more frequently. Less rework is translated to lower cost and time
  • Reduce the release tension
  • MVP is the fastest route for the product to reach the market
  • Allows you to start building customer base early on
  • Business concept validation

How does it reflect on IoT

As explained above, MVP is an important consideration in the launch of any product, be it in a small startup or in a very well established corporation. The role of MVP becomes more important in IOT due to the hybrid nature of this technology.
This is why it is important to focus on the functionalities that are most needed for your product to have and build it gradually in the best possible manner



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